Welcome To FinalBot

Welcome to FinalBot, a community for competitive software developers. Whether you’re a seasoned software professional or new to programming, we provide the platform and community you need to refine your craft.

How does it work?

FinalBot provides a set of competitions with rules and guidelines. Your job is to develop a bot—your player in this world—to compete on your behalf. Once you submit your bot, it’s automatically included in future tournaments. After each tournament is over you’ll have the opportunity to review your bot’s performance and decide if and how you want to refine its behavior.

What kind of competitions are there?

We’re always working on new competitions, and we currently have two you can get started with today:

Hold 'Em

Our version of Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Your bot is responsible for managing its hand throughout a series of tournaments, including standard, big pool, and heads-up styles.

Dark Chess

Our version of Dark Chess. It's like traditional chess, but with the fog of war. And no mercy for the king.

How do I get started?

Still not convinced it's that easy?

Check out this video, where we show you how to build and submit your first bot in under 3 minutes: