2013 bring us the summer of Pharrell

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8/27/2013 2:19:18 PM
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2013 bring us the summer of Pharrell

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Music Mom About Music Mom 2013 brings us the summer of Pharrell Tweet By Anne Kiplinger , August 15, 2013 at 9:29 pm

moncler Last week I was on the Business Insider website (Let’s pause for a minute.  Was I on that site because I’ve been in the business world for several decades and like to stay SUPER on top of the news?  NO! They had an article linking to one of my blog posts! I’ve finally made it big in my unpaid job!) and saw an article that pondered whether Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” or Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” would be the song of the summer (spoiler alert: it’s “Blurred Lines”).

moncler What the article didn’t mention was that there was that both songs had something in common.  Can you use the title of this blog to figure out what that was?  Good, they both include Pharrell Williams.  He is featured both in the vocals and in the videos for both songs.  He also wrote and performed several adorably upbeat songs for the “Despicable Me 2” soundtrack.  He’s everywhere!

moncler But who is 40-year old with the strange name?  Why is he everywhere all of a sudden?  It turns out he’s been around more than it seems for quite some time (he’s won four Grammys, for instance), but maybe you just didn’t know where to look for him.  He’s actually made his mark in many areas, including producing, designing clothes, writing books and generally saving the world.  Let’s break those down.

купить Moncler Producing : Pharrell and his childhood friend formed a production company called The Neptunes.  They have produced for such notables as Britney Spears, Nelly, and Jay-Z.  On his own, Pharrell has produced for Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.  I’ve heard of a few of them.

moncler Designer : Pharrell has put a lot of energy into his clothing lines (plural), Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.  I looked at the website and honestly it just looks like regular clothes to me, but I’m wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt right now.  I found this description on Karma Loop : “Billionaire Boys Club specialized in high-end fashion produced in limited quantities. Outside of Japan, Billionaire Boys Club continues to be retailed exclusively, ensuring that its unique designs stay fresh. Billionaire Boys Club's classic streetwear has become a favorite among hip hop artists and fashionistas, and contains both hip hop influences and elements of the bright styling and bold graphic design more commonly found in Japanese fashion.”  Has he secretly been using me for inspiration?

Moncler куртки Author : Released almost a year ago, “Pharrell: Place and Spaces I’ve Been” has this (partial) description on Amazon: “This unprecedented volume documents Pharrell’s prolific body of work and his contribution to contemporary culture. In his own unique graphic language, he details his extensive creative pursuits, including clothing lines, jewelry, and accessories designs for Louis Vuitton, furniture and other product design, limited-edition toys, graphic designs, skate graphics, and collaborations with Moncler, Marc Jacobs, the artist KAWS, and with architects Zaha Hadid and Masamichi Katayama/Wonderwall.”  I don’t know who most of those people are, and unless I want to spend $39.95 (plus shipping), I’ll have to see if it’s available at my local suburban library to find out.

Philanthropist : Pharrell spearheaded the building of a $35 million after school center for the youngsters of his hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Regarding the modern architecture, Pharrell noted, “We want the building to look like something out of the future, so it will inspire the kids in it to aspire to greater things.”  I would totally do my homework there.

Mate : Pharrell is engaged to a model/designer (naturally) and they have a five-year old son, Rocket Man Williams (my husband and I were *this* close to naming our song Rocket Man but went with Jack instead – #awkwardmusicproblems).

Well, there you have it.  Apparently Pharrell is just about the most perfect man in the world, and this summer the world has a chance to see that via his high profile work.

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