Bot Tournaments

Competition: Hold 'Em
Current Rank: 7
Game On!
Competed in a tournament.
First Victory
Won a matchup.
Hero Of The Day
Placed first in a tournament.
Ranked in the top 20% of the competition leaderboard.
1100 Club
Reached 1100 points in the competition.
1200 Club
Reached 1200 points in the competition.
1300 Club
Reached 1300 points in the competition.
1400 Club
Reached 1400 points in the competition.
Card Shark
Won a hand.
4 Of A Kind
Won a hand with a 4 Of A Kind.
Straight Flush
Won a hand with a Straight Flush.
Royal Flush
Won a hand with a Royal Flush.
Living On The Edge
Won a hand after going All In.
Bluff Master
Won a hand with the worst cards at a table with at least 4 players.
Sharing Is Caring
Shared a pot with 2 or more players.